Does augmented reality (AR) change the furniture business?

How do you furnish a living room? You measure the space with utter precision, spend hours in showrooms, check sample kits, choose colours and in the end return the sofa, because it turned out to be too big. How can AR technology alter this process? Will furnishing a home become fast and painless?

How does augmented reality work?

From the user’s perspective, the process is very simple: you download an app, direct your phone or tablet camera at the floor, and choose the element you want to place there. The screen displays your home, onto which a 3D model of your chosen product is placed . You can turn it around, move, change its colours and patterns, take a closer look from every side.

How is it possible? New AR solutions are based on ARKit (iOS) or ARCore (Android) engines, which allow you to precisely position 3D models in space. All you need is your phone or tablet camera. Older versions required the use of markers (found in advertising flyers, for example), onto which 3D models were placed.

How will furniture companies profit from augmented reality (AR)?

Modern technologies revolutionize the way we live, use everyday objects, call taxis or order food. The use of augmented reality in furniture business means countless new possibilities. Below we present the most important ones.

Higher online sales

AR app lets you reach markets that were previously unreachable: you obtain customers who wouldn’t visit your showroom because of the distance. Having seen and felt your product in their home, they will be more willing to order online.
Michael Valdsgaard, Head of Digital Transformation at IKEA, predicts an increase in online sales value from 1.6 billion euro in 2016 to 5 billion euro in 2020 – all thanks to the IKEA Place app, which uses augmented reality.

Greater buyer’s comfort

As enjoyable as choosing furniture can be, it is also very time-consuming. The customer has to make many decisions that will affect his future mood. Will the sofa fit into the living room? Is this pattern right for the carpet? Will the colour from the sample kit look well in reality? Being able to choose furniture from the comfort of your home makes the purchase easier and much faster.

New sales channel

In every business it is essential to diversify sources from which we acquire customers. There are just a few furniture selling apps on the market – the faster you’ll respond to demand, the larger clientele you’ll attract. Augmented reality in sales is still something fresh and fascinating. Introducing it into your e-commerce will help you become an important player on the market and outrun the competition.

Personalized advertising

Data acquired through the app make it possible to reach customers again through remarketing, a strategy more effective than what traditional online shops can offer. Statistics will reveal your customers’ preferences: what furniture they choose, what decisions are the hardest, which colours are most popular. Armed with this knowledge, you will create perfectly targeted ads and email marketing campaigns.

How much does an AR app cost?

Many manufacturers and salesmen hesitate over the decision to create their own app for the simplest reason: they are afraid of overwhelming cost. They couldn’t be more mistaken. Delivr reaches out to you: our AR apps start at 5000 USD, which is a very small price for a chance to enter a new, unsaturated sales market.

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