Delivr a Top Developer in Poland on Clutch!

When our founders imagined the future, they saw a world in which AR and VR were not only major elements of technology space, but were also primary forces driving improvements outside of the tech world. They saw the implementation of electric cars, renewable energy, and affordable housing for people all over the world, and they saw AR and VR as the catalyst making it all possible. 

Since then we have made a lot of progress towards those goals, and now thanks to Clutch and our loyal customers we are one step even closer. Clutch is a major business services ratings company based in Washington, D.C. that conducts fact-laden reviews of client experiences with the vendors on their site. After receiving perfect 5-star reviews from clients as close as Warsaw and as far as Australia, we have been named one of the leading developers in Eastern Europe. We couldn’t be more proud of this distinction!

One of our recent clients described the impact that our work had in streamlining the engineering process for some particularly complex products. “The solution has reduced the time required to perform most maintenance and troubleshooting tasks by 25%.” He added, “The team focuses on customers’ needs. Their proactive attitude and laid-back communication style make the partnership efficient and enjoyable.” – Mechanical Engineer, Pempek Systems

We’re proud of the benefits our efforts can have to businesses here and around the world, and are committed to working harder every day to give those projects the tools to help the most people they can. And we know that our reputation plays a big part in our ability to work on the best projects we can, so we are thankful to our current and previous clients for their kind words and recommendations. With each solution we develop, we get a little closer to the world we envisioned for all of us.

If you have an idea to bring AR or VR to the world and need a development partner to help you do it, look no further! We can’t wait to get started with you.