AR in Messenger: a revolution in marketing communication?

At this year’s F8 Conference we were shown innovations that will be introduced into Facebook’s application within the next few months. From Clear History (a feature to control and clear your browsing history on Facebook), through Facebook Dating and video chat on Instagram, to augmented reality in Messenger.

Augmented reality and Facebook

We’ve been using bots in our interaction with fans for a long time. They make conversations flow more smoothly, automatically reply to most frequent questions or encourage fans to participate in events. AR expands the possibilities – through special photo filters or product presentation in the user’s environment. You only have to paste a link into the conversation.

How to use AR in Messenger?

Augmented reality was first used in Facebook’s messaging app by four international brands: Nike, Sephora, ASUS and Kia. Sephora introduced filters which allowed users to test make-up, ASUS invited them to unbox one of its telephones, and Kia let them configure a car model.

But it was the Nike’s campaign that revealed the truly revolutionary character of new AR solutions. Customers took part in what could be called a treasure hunt. First they had to find a password, made up of four emojis hidden in the posts of influencers connected with the brand. After entering the password into the Messenger conversation, they gained access to a presentation of new footwear, set in augmented reality. Later on, they were sent a link to a shop where they could buy it.

What was the result? The product sold out in one hour.

AR in the service of brands

More and more, Facebook focusses on the interaction of fanpages with their fans. A simple post with a new offer is not enough enymore. Let your customers interact with your brand and keep their attention for longer. New AR solutions can prove very useful. What profits can you expect?

Higher online sales

First of all, it is another way to boost e-commerce. Photos are not enough: customers want to see the product from all sides and make sure it will suit them. AR indulges this need, be it footwear, furniture or cars.

More satysfying shopping experience will probably mean higher sales. Customers may ask additional questions and share a video or a photo of the product with their friends. This sort of interaction is pure gold for the marketers.

New marketing possibilities

A dedicated photo filter will allow your fans to identify with your company. It will also add the „wow” effect. How many brands do you know that use augmented reality in this manner? You can be the first in your line of business, which in turn will make you the market leader.

There are innumerable ways in which you can use AR to reach your marketing goals. Treasure hunt in the Nike style? A contest for best photo with your filter? Marketing campaign on Messenger? Introducing an element of competition or play raises the brand’s value and helps create a specific image you’re aiming for.

Augmented reality in your company?

If the benefits presented above have convinced you to test new possibilities stemming from the introduction of AR into your communication with fans, don’t hesitate to contact us. Even though the functionality has only been available for a few months, we have already succeeded in creating a dedicated filter for one of our clients. You can test it [here].