A good brief is a guarantee of a smooth production process. What are the basics of effective communication between the client and the contractor?

Imagine you’re walking into a car showroom. You want to buy a car. Do you know the model, engine capacity and equipment you desire or do you just say „Get me a car”? Obviously, you analyze everything down to the smallest detail. Otherwise you won’t know if the car can meet your expectations or how much it’s going to cost. Same goes for the brief.

What exactly is a brief?

To put it in the simplest terms, a brief is an answer to the basic questions. First, those concerning your business activity, its character and goals. Then, those regarding the project we are to carry out, for example VR application: how you imagine it, what functionalities you expect, what you want to achieve. The more precise your answers, the more suitable solutions we are going to offer.

Why make a brief?

Every time we use a service, we must express our expectations. This ensures a smooth cooperation and helps reach a common goal. How exactly will you profit?

A precise appraisal

Obviously, before you decide to create an application or a game, you must know the price you’re about to pay. Detailed description of its purpose and step-by-step functioning will allow for a precise appraisal. The more details we are given at the start, the fewer corrections will be needed down the road.


It takes time to design and program each functionality, even a seemingly minor one. Knowing all of the client’s expectations at the start prevents delays in the production and allows us to give precise deadlines for each stage of the process. It is especially important when the application is part of a marketing campaign and delays are out of the question.

Greater user experience

Whenever we launch a new project, we try to take into account all the moves a user might make. Applications include many elements that go unnoticed in everyday use but are crucial to user experience. You become aware of them when they malfunction: it could be a button that doesn’t click or an user interface not intuitive enough. The better we know your expectations towards the functioning of your application, the more we can perfect it.

How to write a good brief?

It is best to start with the description of your venture. Mention everything you consider important, from the company name and colours, through the customers and image you’re aiming for, up to your business and marketing goals and the effect you’re hoping to achieve with your application.

Now it’s time to move on to the next part, that is detailed idea of what we are to create together. Check whether there is a similar product on the market and if there is, analyze it. You can also take a closer look at any other application. Most of them operate on a similar basis: first comes the loading screen, then the greeting one with the name and logo, followed by a tutorial presenting available actions.

It makes sense to invent your application through the so-called customer journey. It is the path the customer takes when using our product. Put down what is supposed to happen, step by step – you can write it down, make a sketch, design it in a graphic program. Should there be a „terms of use” screen for the user to accept? How should the tutorial look? What functionalities are essential and how should they work?

What’s next?

Thanks to our experience, we will be able to help you with many issues. We have created numerous applications and can tell you which solutions are most user-friendly. Still, the more precise your brief, the fewer surprises will come up during designing and programming. We encourage you to follow the above instructions and write down your ideas in as much detail as possible.